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Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Essential Oils
Uncover the many mental and physical benefits of aromatherapy with our aromatherapy essentials. Our selection of aromatherapy products awaken the senses, helping you relax, unwind, and enjoy a relaxing spa day at home. Discover our balancing blends and pure essential oils that help ground the mind and body while our revitalising blends help improve focus and alertness. Explore the best essential oils below.


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  1. Comforting Blend Essential Oil
  2. Balancing Blend Essential Oil
  3. Calming Blend Essential Oil
  4. Revitalising Blend Essential Oil 10ml
  5. Harmony Blend Essential Oil
  6. Lavender Pure Essential Oil
  7. Tranquil Blend Essential Oil
  8. Grapefruit Pure Essential Oil
  9. Rosemary Pure Essential Oil 10ml
  10. Bergamot Pure Essential Oil
  11. Geranium Pure Essential Oil
  12. Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil
  13. Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil
  14. Peppermint Pure Essential Oil
  15. Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil
  16. Australian Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil 1mL
  17. Chamomile Pure Essential Oil