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What causes skin to change with age?

The natural process of ageing changes the appearance and texture of skin over time. Influenced by a variety of factors — from internal ones such as genetics, to environmental factors such as sun and diet — the effects are different for each and every one of us.

While many signs of skin ageing aren’t visible until we reach our 30s or 40s, the process actually begins as early as our 20s. This is when the body gradually starts lessening its production of collagen and elastin, both responsible for skin strength, elasticity and youthfulness.

As we evolve with age, so too should your skin care ritual.

Finding a regime that’s unique to your skin type and lifestyle can radically promote more youthful-looking skin and restore your skin’s natural, signature glow.

The completely remastered Herbal Recovery range

Created over 20 years ago, our first Herbal Recovery product defied expectations, delivering superior visible results from pure and natural ingredients from the Jurlique Farm.

Now one of our most iconic ranges has been completely remastered, for our latest breakthrough in age-defying effectiveness.

The new Herbal Recovery range has been meticulously developed as a complete ritual, to help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin dullness, and restore your skin’s natural, signature glow.

Every aspect of the new range has been remastered to embody the latest in age defying skin care. From a new enhanced formulation and fragrance to a luxurious texture, and iconic packaging.

Evolving what’s possible in ageless beauty. Again.