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All Products

Shop a range of Iconic Jurlique products including Face Care, Hand Creams, Body Care and Aromatherapy Essential Oils. Our face care range helps hydrate, glow, replenish and protect from fine lines and wrinkles. Every step in your skin care ritual is covered with our range of cleansers, exfoliators, essences, serums, moisturisers and face oils. Shop your favourite products from the Jurlique range.


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  1. Nourishing Cleansing Oil 200ml
  2. Daily Exfoliating Cream 100ml
  3. Revitalising Cleansing Gel 200ml
  4. Purely Age-Defying Refining Treatment 40ml
  5. Calendula Redness Rescue Restorative Treatment Serum 30ml
  6. Calendula Redness Rescue Calming Mist 100ml
  7. Purely Age-Defying Hand Treatment
  8. Rose Silk Finishing Powder 10g
  9. Balancing Day Care Cream 125ml
  10. New Product Badge
  11. Moisturising Hand Sanitiser 50mL
  12. Moisture Replenishing Discovery Kit
  13. Skin Balancing Face Oil
  14. Restoring Hand Wash 300mL
  15. Rose Body Lotion
  16. Nurturing Face Mask 100ml
  17. Lavender Conditioner
  18. Nutri-Define Cream Mask
  19. Facial Cleansing Brush
  20. Nutri-Define Supreme Conditioning Lotion
  21. Lavender Shower Gel