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Autumn invites us to embrace the energy of change. As summer morphs into Autumn, the leaves go from green to red and the winds change from warm to crisp – it truly heralds a season of transformation. In this time, we update our outfit and skin care choices, swapping out summer linens for merino sweaters and reaching for more hydrating products. It’s essential to accommodate the seasonal change, so we’ve created a guide to finding your perfect style and skin care match this Autumn.

Upgrade your Autumn skin care ritual

As the seasons change, so do your skin care needs. Along with dehydration, improper nutrition and stress, environmental factors also play a part in the skin imbalance. Your skin tends to get drier and duller in colder months, so it’s important to adjust your skin care products to cater to the environmental change.

Keep it clean

In the cooler months, your normal skin renewal process tends to slow down. This is what gives the skin a textured and dull looking appearance. To speed up your skin renewal process, we recommend exfoliation to help slough away the dead skin cells. Be careful not aggravate your skin by using harsh exfoliants and exfoliators. Our Nutri-Define Supreme Cleansing Foam contains natural jojoba beads to help polish your skin and encourage healthy cell turnover. At the end of your cleanse, your skin will feel soft, refreshed and revitalised.

Tip: Aim to cleanse with lukewarm water, rather than hot to prevent extra drying of your skin.

Pack on the moisture

To help renew and keep your skin hydrated, reach for the more hydrating and rich formulas. Using a moisturiser like Nutri-Define Supreme Restorative Rich Cream will help replenish your skin’s moisture and lipids. An essential step to retaining that hydration is using a water essence before moisturising. Applying Activating Water Essence to your skin first will activate your skin’s ability to maintain moisture and also stop it from escaping, for continuous hydration .

Stay sun smart

You can still get sun damage on windy, cloudy and cool days. Dry skin after sun exposure happens no matter the season, so it’s important to wear sunscreen all year round. Make sure your sunscreen is SPF 30 or higher. Don’t rely on the sunscreen in your makeup to prevent premature skin ageing and sun damage. Even if you work inside you should wear additional sunscreen under your makeup.

Upgrade your wardrobe

Autumn – especially in Australia – can be a challenge. It seems like the weather doesn’t want to make up its mind. It’s muggy one day and cool the next. It can get tricky figuring out what to wear in Autumn.

At Birdsnest, an Australian family owned business, they do the hard work for you. With a collection of 1000’s of curated outfits designed by their in-house stylist to suit a range of different style personalities, they’re kind of like a magic wardrobe.

Layering is essential

Keeping your layers thin gives you more to play with in Autumn. You can even keep some your favourite summer pieces too as they can be layered with thin knits and cardigans like this Modern Bohemian look. The perfect collaboration of a bohemian, free spirit style and a modern classy look.

Mix up patterns and textures

Autumn is all about change, so try something new! Playing around with patterns and textures gives your autumn outfits an interesting twist. Amp up a casual outfit of a white blouse by experimenting with a pair of snake print denim jeans. Add your own personal flair to a simple look or follow Birdsnest’s style advice.


An underrated accessory, belts are the best when it comes to tying in those layers. They also add structure to your outfits. Not too sure about how style belts? At Birdsnest, when you fill out the Style Profile, they’ll provide personal style recommendations just for you.

Embrace the change

If anything, the new season gives you a perfect excuse to treat yourself to new skin care products and a new wardrobe. Birdnest provides a 365 day return policy and free express delivery on all orders so your wardrobe dilemmas will be solved from this season to the next.

Shop our Nutri-Define range to re-energise your skin this Autumn.