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At Jurlique, nature is at the heart of everything we do.

We embrace a regenerative approach, following biodynamic* practices and farming in the most sustainable way possible to ensure we always give more back to the land than we take from it.

9 September 2022 will mark the 11th annual Tree Planting Day on Jurlique's pristine farm in the Adelaide Hills. Through our collaboration with Adelaide University, experimenting with best practices for rapid urban greening and biodiversity, this year, we are taking an exciting new approach to Tree Planting Day. The Jurlique team will plant a mini-forest, the first of its kind in South Australia, following the Miyawaki Method, a unique reforestation concept devised by Akira Miyawaki.

Who is Akira Miyawaki?

Akira Miyawaki was a Japanese botanist and winner of the Blue Planet, best known as an expert in plant ecology, specialising in seeds and the study of natural forests. Miyawaki observed how the trees that grew traditionally around shrines, temples, and cemeteries in Japan were native species while the vast majority of trees had been introduced by foresters to produce timber. Calculating that just 0.06% of Japanese forests were indigenous, Miyawaki pondered the consequences of the change in composition and structure of local forests

What is the Miyawaki Method?

 By applying a concept known as potential natural vegetation, Miyawaki developed a method of ecological engineering known as the "Miyawaki Method" to help restore native forests from seeds of indigenous trees. In planting forests across Japan,  Miyawaki was able to show how rapid restoration of forest cover and soil restoration was possible. These mini-forests grow ten times faster than conventional forests, generating 100 times more biodiversity, helping to cool urban heat islands, establish wildlife corridors, build soil health, sequester carbon, create pollinator habitats, and more.

Jurlique’s Mini-Forest

This Tree Planting Day, Jurlique's new mini-forest will cover approximately 300 square metres, hosting over 1000 native plants that will sequester more than 250 kilograms of CO2 per year, the equivalent amount of CO2 emitted driving from Adelaide to Sydney.

Ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Join us this Tree Planting Day by helping to curb your carbon footprint and making these simple changes:

  • Use reusable bags when shopping
  • Buy organic, local and seasonal food
  • Compost food waste
  • Walk or cycle instead of driving
  • Buy vintage or opt for slow fashion labels
  • Wash clothing in cold water
  • Replace incandescent with LED lightbulbs
  • Take shorter showers