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When your favourite skin care brand release a new skin care product or range, are you Type A and purchase the product right away and slather it all over? Or are you Type B and hesitant to purchase because it might exacerbate a skin concern you’ve worked hard to get under control? If you’re Type B, you most likely have sensitive skin. Whether you’re dealing with redness, irritation, or uneven skin tone, ongoing skin sensitivity can be challenging to deal with.

At Jurlique, we believe in not only treating the symptoms of sensitivity, but also addressing the underlying causes and solving them through a combination of natural ingredients and a consistent skin care ritual. Read on for our top 3 tips for caring for sensitive skin and recommended skin care products for sensitive skin.

1. Choose the right ingredients

No matter what skin type you have, it’s a good idea to avoid synthetic chemical ingredients in your everyday skin care ritual. However, it’s especially important to have natural-based skin care for sensitive skin, as it may react poorly to many synthetic ingredients.

Instead, opt for naturally derived ingredients that nourish and calm your skin, rather than aggravating it further. Ingredients to gravitate toward include:

Calendula Flower Extract, has pronounced soothing properties and has been used to rebalance sensitivity on the skin and throughout the body.
Chamomile Flower Extract, which carries calming and hydrating benefits. A great natural ingredient for both dry and combination sensitive skin types.
Echinacea Extract is an astringent herb that offers soothing properties and can help balance the skin
Jurlique Rose extract, which can only be exclusively found in some Jurlique products, is scientifically proven to enhance the skin’s barrier function and help it retain essential moisture.
You can find all of these ingredients in our Calendula Redness Rescue and Moisture Plus Rare Rose.

2. Be gentle with you skin

Let every action you make upon your skin be gentle and soft. While choosing the right products plays a part in managing sensitive skin, your skin care application techniques are equally important.

Avoid any actions that tug your skin as this can make irritation worse. Here’s what that looks like in practice:

If you wear makeup, instead of removing it with a makeup wipe, use a cleansing oil in gentle circular motion. When you follow up with a gentle cleanser, use those same delicate motions.
During your moisturiser, serum or face oil step – pat and press the product in instead of rubbing.
When you have sensitive skin, physical exfoliation can be intimidating, and you’d be right to proceed with caution. A lot of physical exfoliators are abrasive and can do more harm than good. Look for something non-abrasive like our Daily Exfoliating Cream – you apply it to your skin in a press-release motion (so no rough rubbing) and it gently lifts and removes dead skin and impurities.
3. Keep it cool

For soothing sensitive skin, consider keeping your skincare products in the fridge until it’s time to apply them.

Apart from the instant refreshing hit, there’s anecdotal evidence that the cooler temperature causes blood vessels to contract, immediately reducing the appearance of redness.

Skin sensitivity is a challenge, but with the right skin care products and techniques, it can be managed. To soothe and protect your skin, shop our Calendula Redness Rescue range online now.

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