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At Jurlique, we’re proud of our ‘seed to skin’ journey. It is not just a mantra that describes how our products can be traced back to the farm-grown ingredients, it is a guiding principle that ensures the efficacy of our natural skincare formulations and our sustainable farming practices which care for our planet.


It begins with the Earth

Potent natural ingredients begin with preparing fertile soil at our farm nestled in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. We carefully maintain soil health using herbal remedies and organic fertilisers to produce high-quality crops and protect our local environment. It is our soil preparations made from herbs, mineral sources, and animal manures that harness, activate and enhance the energy of nature in our farming system. 

Guided by the moon

Our farming practices are guided by a biodynamic* calendar based on moon and its gravitational force - this indicates when vital farming activities should take place to maximise the life force energy of our botanicals. The calendar governs when to plant, cultivate and harvest various natural ingredients based on the phase of the moon. For example, our Herbal Recovery Signature range’s Yarrow is grown according to the biodynamic calendar to enhance its skin-boosting properties. Thanks to its resilient nature, it is grown along side our Roses to nurture a healthy ecosystem.

Hand-harvested with care

We meticulously follow the journey of each seed by hand, recording each phase from seed to germination. We hand-harvest our farm-grown ingredients with the greatest care to protect their integrity and ensure maximum vitality is preserved. Hand-harvesting allows us to select the highest-quality specimens for potent and effective skincare formulas. When it comes to our exclusive Jurlique Rose hybrid featured in our Rare Rose range, its lush blooms are carefully handpicked to preserve its intense moisturisation properties.

Bio-Intrinsic extraction

We employ our exclusive Bio-Intrinsic method in a three-step process that boosts the potency of our natural ingredients. We capture the three basic principles of a plant - essential oils, organic liquid extract and mineral salts - then reunite them to magnify its intensity.

The first step, Purification, uses steam distillation to gently lift and release essential oils, nutrients, and liquids from dried herbs. The wet herb and condensate are then combined and filtered to produce a liquid made up of plant compounds, in a process called Intensification. In the final ashing process, the liquid is burnt to capture bare trace minerals, with the resulting ash then boiled, processed, and filtered to produce an ash extract. The extracts from all three steps are then combined which results in a product that is more potent than its original form.

Full traceability and transparency

To maintain the highest-level of quality, sustainability, and peak performance, we ensure the traceability of all plants from our farm in Australia to the finished products. Our herbs are tracked through a comprehensive inventory system, each individual product branded with a unique number, and packaging and parcelling completed just a 40-minute drive away from our Adelaide Hills farm.

The benefits of natural ingredients for your skin

We believe there are plenty of natural skincare ingredients that are equally, if not more, effective than synthetic ones. We need to care for our skin in the short term and the long term, which is why we champion the use of gentle yet effective natural ingredients when it comes to nourishing your skin. For example, our Nutri-Define collection reduces the appearance ageing thanks to the Spilanthes flower and its ability to provide a pro-collagen effect^ for a smoothed and plumped appearance.


*Certified biodynamic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. Jurlique’s products and farm are not certified by or affiliated with Demeter® USA or Demeter International.

^Based on in-vitro study using skin cell culture for a period of 24 hours and 3 days conducted by POLA Chemical Inc.