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Sun protection is often associated with the warmer months, particularly during outdoor activities, exercising amongst nature, or being by the water. However, sun protection should be used 365 days a year to help maintain skin health and vitality, regardless of the weather or season. Discover why daily sun protection is a must for overall skin wellness.

Protect against sun damage

Daily sun protection is essential to shield skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays which can cause sunburn and skin cancer. Our delicate skin is exposed to incidental sun exposure every day, whether we’re outdoors or sitting by a window. With incidental sun exposure accounting for approximately 80% of our lifetime sun exposure, sun protection should be used every day, all year round, and reapplied when necessary. A daily SPF lotion that provides broad spectrum protection, such as UV Defence Daily Lotion SPF 50+ is ideal for everyday use, no matter your skin type or skin tone.

What is the difference between UVA and UVB?

UVB rays, referred to as burning rays, are responsible for causing tanning and sunburn.  On the other hand, UVA rays, also known as ageing rays, can accelerate the ageing process of the skin, leading to wrinkles and age spots. On the other hand, However, it's important to note that exposure to both types of rays increases the risk of skin cancer. The SPF rating of a product indicates its effectiveness in shielding against UVB rays, while the term "broad spectrum" signifies that the product provides protection against UVA rays as well. Our UV Defence Daily Lotion SPF 50+ protects against both UVA and UVB rays, but also contains antioxidants, which offers additional defence against environmental aggressors.


Selecting the right UV protection for your skin

Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing UV rays into the skin and subsequently releasing them, while physical sunscreens act by forming a protective barrier on the skin's surface, reflecting UV rays away from the body or face. Chemical sunscreens offer greater resistance to water and sweat, and they absorb more rapidly into the skin, making them suitable for daily use. On the other hand, physical sunscreens, also known as "mineral “, sunscreens, are milder but may be more challenging for the skin to absorb, potentially leaving a noticeable white residue. Regardless of your choice, it is crucial to always select a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher for optimal protection.

Incorporating UV protection into my skincare ritual

As a general guideline, it is recommended to apply UV protection as the final step in your skincare routine. It is important to allow sufficient time for the previous products to fully absorb before applying this final step. If you are preparing for the day, you can utilise this time to style your hair or make yourself a cup of tea while allowing your skincare products to properly penetrate the skin. If you plan on wearing makeup, also wait until your sunscreen has fully absorbed before applying your makeup for a flawless look.

Prevent premature skin ageing

When a complexion is described as looking ‘weathered’ it often refers to skin that has been exposed to the sun’s harsh rays. Sun damage, also referred to photo ageing or solar keratoses by dermatologists, can lead to visible premature skin ageing, namely fine lines, wrinkles, and changes to skin texture. A daily SPF lotion, such as UV Defence Daily Lotion SPF 50+ helps prevent premature skin ageing, so your skin can look and feel its best.

Maintain an even skin tone

Sun damage can cause changes to skin tone, with sun exposure contributing to hyperpigmentation. UV light speeds up the production of melanin, a natural pigment that gives skin its colour. Skin that has experienced sun exposure over time may have age spots appear when excess melanin becomes clumped together or is produced in high concentrations. A daily SPF lotion that is used consistently helps maintain a more even complexion.

Protect skin’s natural radiance

Skin that has experienced sun damage will have cells that turn over or replace themselves at a slower rate, leading to a dull, dry, and fatigued complexion. Maintain skin’s youthful radiance with a moisturising UV lotion, as a hydrating sun care formula will also leave skin looking brighter and more supple. UV Defence Daily Lotion SPF 50+ is also infused with plumping Hyaluronic Acid and soothing Aloe Vera so skin appears smoothed and well-rested.

No matter your age, skin type, complexion or lifestyle, effective and consistent sun protection is crucial to ensuring and maintaining your skin’s wellness.

Complete your skin wellness ritual

Limit sun exposure and use protective clothing, hats and eye wear. Keep out of eyes. Reapply sunscreen regularly.