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Radiant, glowing skin begins long before you step into your bathroom and reach for your skin care favourites. In fact, luminous skin starts where you might not expect: on the farm. When the environment in which plants are grown is pristine, it follows that the resulting skin care, and importantly your skin, will benefit the most.

At Jurlique, we grow and nurture all our botanicals in the pure, idyllic South Australian hills. This is the basis of our seed-to-skin philosophy, where the seed’s health ultimately results in your skin looking bright and glowing. If radiance has long eluded you, opt for natural based products whose ingredients are grown in the following conditions:

1 Air purity

Choosing natural ingredients is an important consideration, but not all naturals are created equal; they must be nurtured in the right environment to capture their most active nutrients and essences. This process begins with the very air that surrounds them. Smog and pollution are not only detrimental to our skin, they can also compromise the quality of fledgling botanicals [hyperlink to article titled Why Air Quality Matters in Your Skin Care]. This is one reason why we chose the purest place on earth to establish our farm in South Australia, an area of rolling hills revered for its clean, fresh air.

2 Soil quality

Like two halves of the same universe, the purity of air is mirrored by the quality of the soil, and vice versa. A depleted soil is unable to yield the powerful botanicals needed to transform skin radiance. Our Jurlique farm is certified organic and benefits from a rich compost derived from the plants on the property. We take extra care to nourish and protect the entire ecosystem of the farm. Some of the land available is used for planting, while the rest is dedicated to maintaining natural flora and fauna. Creating this special environment and planting and harvesting according to the seasons allows our botanicals to reach maximum glow-giving power.

3 No synthetic pesticides

We believe that maintaining a pure environment means not compromising crops with the use of synthetic pesticides and insecticides. Instead, we use companion farming to help plants work together to protect and nurture one another. For example, the bright orange flowers of a Calendula bush attract beneficial insects which kill aphids and other predatory insects, so we plant these next to our Roses as protection. The botanicals, therefore, remain safe without the use of harmful chemicals. This matters because what we use (or don’t use) on the farm ends up affecting your skin.

Now you know

Due to Jurlique’s commitment to clean air, healthy soil, and organic pest control, our products make it possible for you to experience radiant, glowing skin. If you’re curious to see what our skin care can do for you, begin with our much-loved Activating Water Essence, whose active ingredients hydrate, condition and revitalise your skin. That’s Nature’s promise.