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They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but sometimes the thought of Christmas leaves us feeling overwhelmed rather than overjoyed. On top of the usual stressors the holiday season presents, this year there’s also a certain global pandemic to contend with. With everything that’s going on, it’s only natural that we might find ourselves in a state of unease.

In these times, it is more essential than ever to prioritise self-care rituals. Whether you can carve out just 10 minutes, an hour, or an entire afternoon, the trick is to choose what resonates with you most and make it a habit. Read on to discover our top self-care ideas.


If your mind is whirring, it can be helpful to put pen to paper. Offloading your thoughts into a journal is an effective way to find mental clarity. If you’re new to the practice of journaling, then try setting a positive intention for the day ahead by noting down three things you are grateful for each morning. See this as your very own simple self-care planner.

Move mindfully

Whether you prefer walking, running, or cycling, it’s no secret that regular exercise can have a profoundly positive effect on maintaining healthy mental health habits. The fact is our bodies love to move and the benefits of doing so are endless. Expect to enjoy deeper sleep, increased energy levels and a brighter demeanour.

Practice yoga

You don’t have to attend a studio to experience the benefits of yoga. Instead, seek out an online class or simply practice a few simple postures from the comfort of your own home. Focusing on the breath is an essential part of any yoga practice and is particularly helpful for bringing balance to a stressed-out nervous system.

Book a spa treatment

There’s nothing quite like a professional spa treatment to truly allow mind and body to unwind, so why not book into one of our Jurlique Spas for a luxury facial using natural-based skin care products? Whether you opt for an express treatment or indulge in a 90-minute experience, you’ll certainly leave feeling fresher than when you arrived.

Create an at-home spa

If visiting a spa isn’t possible at the moment, try recreating that same experience of self-care at home. Soak in a long, hot bath before indulging in a nurturing self-massage. Add a few drops of our Tranquil Blend Essential Oil to our Jojoba Carrier Oil and apply all over your body in sweeping strokes. Instant calm guaranteed.

Up your beauty regime

Our daily beauty rituals offer us a chance to incorporate small moments of self-care into our routines. Using aromatherapy and natural-based skin care is an effective way to bring about feelings of serenity. We suggest keeping our Blackberry & Lemon Zest Hydrating Mist Exclusive Edition on your desk or in your handbag, lightly spritzing it over your face anytime your spirit needs soothing.

Get outdoors

If all else fails, spending time in nature will work wonders in boosting your mood. Close your laptop, leave your phone behind, and embrace the great outdoors. Breathe in fresh countryside air, swim in the ocean, or simply take a walk in your local park – whatever your tonic of choice, getting outside is key to living the healthy life.