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What does wellness mean to you? Some think quitting sugar, others think yoga on the beach. So here’s a question: what does wellness mean to you?

Wellness, the state of experiencing wellbeing. When people think wellness, they sometimes picture their ideal selves: a perfect zen balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. However, that image is usually marred by the reality of modern life – we’re often too busy, too stressed to make wellness a priority. To make ourselves, our health, our connection with nature and our happiness, a priority. And that’s something we all deserve to change.

This month, we’re launching our national Wellbeing campaign, to inspire us all to wellbeing and lives we truly love – like reconnecting with nature, nurturing your body through nutrition and fitness, and practicing daily mindfulness.

At Jurlique, we believe beauty comes from within, and it shows when we’re living in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. So we’ll be looking at how the power of nature can help promote radiant skin, no matter what your skin type or concern. And, with the help of some of Australia’s top nutrition, fitness and mindfulness experts, we’ll also be exploring:

  • The whole foods story – what it is and why it matters, as well as recipes for delicious, nutritious meals
  • How to set and manage fitness goals and energy levels with fun workouts you’ll enjoy
  • The self-love and self-care benefits of being mindful in each moment – and how it can help minimise stress
Wellness happens by making incremental changes that add up over time. Some of these changes can be small, like eating more vegetables, or swapping coffee for green tea. Others, however, may involve challenging preconceived notions about how we should think, feel, act or simply be – like letting go of negative self-talk, feeling guilty, saying ‘yes’ more often than saying ‘no’ and being the perfect parent / friend / partner / employee / person.

This is one of the most important things to remember. Because what links the wellness pillars of skin care, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness isn’t what you’d normally expect. The truth is, what connects them all is you and your experience. You’re the key to realising your happiness and health, and living a life that fills you with joy and contentment, every single day.

It’s not about a magic bullet, or having a perfect record. It’s okay to stumble every now and again on the path to wellbeing. What’s important are those gentle gains, and being open to what you might be able to do, right now, in order to start feeling happier and healthier. Because if you can end each day having done one more thing to add value to your life, then every day will be better than the last.

And that’s our challenge to you over the coming month.

Enjoy September.

Team Jurlique x

“Our vision was to formulate and manufacture the purest skin care products available based on the healing properties of nature and to inspire people to health and wellbeing.” – Ulrike Klein, Jurlique Co-founder

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