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We all want a vibrant, luminous complexion that exudes confidence, but singling out the right brightening ritual among dizzying arrays of product combinations is no easy feat. Here, we curated three easy-to-follow options that can become your powerful ally- all you have to do is to choose one that suits you the best!

Ritual 1: Brightening For Beginners
If you're just embarking on the journey of brightening or only have minor skin discolouration concerns, you can’t go wrong with Brightening Essentials. This ritual- featuring the Activating Water Essence+, Brightening Serum, and Brightening Lotion- provides effective absorption of powerful brightening ingredients to help improve skin dullness. Complete this ritual with a broad spectrum UV protection to safeguard your newly acquired glow.

Ritual 2: Brightening Boost

Need an extra boost to tackle hyperpigmentation issues or seeking to achieve a holiday-ready complexion fast? This hard-working ritual goes the extra mile. Herbal Recovery Face Oil and Brightening Lotion join forces to revitalise your skin with a blend of potent farm-grown botanicals that provide hydration and brightness. The Vitamin C derivative in this ritual adds a vibrant boost that your skin will absolutely adore.

Ritual 3: Brightening Pro:

If you demand nothing but the finest from a brightening ritual, this is the grand slam you’ve been searching for. This comprehensive six-step ritual covers every facet of your skincare that flawlessly cleanses, primes, brightens and protects, helping to yield results that even the most discerning brightening connoisseurs can swear by. It also revitalises the delicate eye contour area, enhancing your entire complexion’s luminosity to give you a fresh new look. Follow this ritual to perfection, and you’ll soon see glowing results.

Find the ritual that works best for you