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Facial Cleansing Brush

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For best results you can use a cleansing brush once a day as part of your skin care ritual.
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How to Use

Start by removing your eye makeup. Use Replenishing Cleansing Lotion or Nourishing Cleansing Oil to remove eye makeup with a reusable cleansing pad.

Before using your cleansing brush select either Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser or Revitalising Cleansing Gel.

Wet the cleansing brush with warm water and apply cleanser directly onto the cleansing bush. Massage cleanser onto wet skin with small circular motions using gentle pressure. Work the brush all over the face and neck taking care to be gentle on areas like the neck. Pay special attention to areas like the nose and chin. Take time to make sure every area of the face is cleansed with the brush. Avoid the eye area.

Rinse with warm water to finish and remove cleanser.

Keep your brush clean. Your brush head should be cleaned after every use. Rinse it under warm water and use a makeup brush cleanser or soap to clean the bristles. Dry naturally before storing.