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A Loving Ritual for any time of day


Whether to awaken, nurture or restore balance, sensory rituals can benefit body, mind and soul – and all thanks to nature.

Each day our body endures stresses both outwardly and inwardly. And from the time we rise to the time we rest in slumber; inner calm should be our focus. So, it’s important for us to find time to slow down, be patient, be present and experience gratitude for our body and its home, in nature. We do this by engaging the senses – touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell – so that we may awaken and enliven our body, mind and spirit to celebrate daily moments of peace and love.

Here are our three favourite sensory rituals to start you on your journey of discovery:

A Mood Boosting Ritual to begin your day

Nature greets us each morning with a sunrise, representing new beginnings for the day ahead. Awake mindfully and as soon as your feet touch the ground next to you bed, take a moment and pause. Feel gratitude for the body you are in and for all the possibilities the new day brings.

Following a simple morning stretch, allow the power of essential oils and botanicals to elevate your morning routine with uplifting shower gels and body lotions. Use this time to choose a positive affirmation to guide your day, such as “I am excited for this day”, “I am open to opportunities” or “I am full of joy”. Take time to perform your morning skin care ritual adding a few moments of self-care with a facial oil massage, and as you look in the mirror, repeat your affirmation.

Before you leave, take time to nourish your body with a herbal tea, visualise the incredible day you’re about to experience and walk with you head high and heart open.

A Loving Ritual for any time of day

Our body carries us through each day with such power and grace so we should celebrate that body at every life stage in daily moments of peace and love. Our earliest adult years are full of possibilities, hopes and dreams. This energetic body benefits a ritual steeped in sun salutations as yoga practice encourages self-discovery and self-acceptance. Completing your morning practice, place essential oils on your pulse points and set an intention to guide your day’s journey such as ‘trust the universe’, ‘love more’ or ‘give back’.

Raising young children, climbing the corporate ladder and continuing adult education can all be challenging for self-care. So, it’s important to find small moments throughout the day to recharge. Keeping a misting spray at your desk or in your bag can help provide tired and stressed skin with hydration while delivering an aroma that uplifts the spirit.

Winding down from working life, we may discover we have more time to enjoy to ourselves. Use this time to learn to meditate, rest and nurture the body. Taking just a few moments to meditate each day, ground yourself using deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Finally, indulge your loving hands with a luxurious hand cream enriched with an uplifting scent. Place them in your lap then take 10 slow, deep breaths into your abdomen and out through your nose with a mantra of self-love.

A Grounding Ritual to end your day

While shaking off the day’s stresses, gentle exercise can help you connect with your body and breath. Yoga, tai chi, swimming, walking, or dancing all possess benefits for both mind and muscles and the more you can do in nature, the better. As you move your body, be present in your actions and take in the joy of the moment. Returning home, prepare a bath time ritual with essential oils. Diffuse oils to allow their aroma to fill the room and add a few drops of a nurturing body oil to your bath. Internalise an intention as you step into your ritual bath or light a candle to remind you to be present.

Follow with a foot massage before bed using a body oil or rich lotion. Rub the balls of the feet and inner arches specifically, bend toes gently and use a stroking motion to massage the Achilles tendon, experiencing gratitude for the path you have walked today. Finally, use a misting spray gently over your face, then place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your lower belly, taking three deep breaths to acknowledge the day that has passed.